Going pro, full time!

bryggLong time overdue update this…

Starting a brewery from scratch at the same time as working +40hours/week at the “day job” is a huge challenge, it seems like everything is taking ages. I’m therefore super-happy to announce that I can now focus 100% on BeerMonkey!

I’ve made a deal with my former employer so finically I will be able to commit full time to BeerMonkey for about a year, as you might imagine I’m super psyched!

BeerMonkey beer has never been closer to official release then now 🙂 (and yes, the webpage will get a much needed overhaul as well) Apart from getting the beer out there I will also be available for company events, such as tastings, presentations and “team brew day”

If you’re interested in creating a great experience for you and your colleagues drop me an email at daniel@beermonkeybrewery.com for more info.