The Brewery
BeerMonkey is a nano-brewery located in Knivsta, Sweden. The brewery is founded, owned and managed by Daniel Ceder. Everything is done on site, brewing, fermenting, bottling etc. In the brewery. It’s really a pioneering spirit over the whole thing, everything from the web page you’re now looking at, branding, labels, building the brewery, sourcing, brewing etc. is DIY.

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What’s in a name?
The name of the brewery is really down to three things

  1. Monkeys are cool. Period!
  2. The BeerMonkey is as we all know this mythical simian like creature that magicly appears during the middle of the night to ruffle your hair and nick $50 out of your wallet while you sleep. Often visits after you duck out on a Friday night for a few “bevvie”
    “And I’d just nipped out for a few quiet beers with my mates and the next thing you know I wake up with a hangover and the “Beer Monkey’s” paid me a visit!”
  3. BeerApe or BeerPrimate don’t sound as good

Who’s Daniel and why does he think he can run a brewery?
I’ve been a homebrewer for years and I love it, especially brewing and sharing my beer with others. I also like the other aspects about running a brewery, therefore I’ve decided to go for it. I know that being able to brew great beer is only a small part of running a brewery, but since I’ve been working with marketing, sales, development, processes and financial side of businesses for 20 years I have the needed experience of that as well.

So, will I make it? If you ask people who know me, either professionally or personally, they will tell you that I do get the job done, especially when doing something I love. And since I can’t think of anything more fun and exciting than running a brewery, we’re home safe, right?