Corporate Events

Whether you’re planning a team event, corporate mixer or holiday office party, BeerMonkey can help you create a unique experience!

Below you find some examples of what we offer; Company Team BrewBeer tasting with BeerMonkey and BeerMonkey as a guest speaker. But perhaps you have something else in mind? Just drop me an email and we make it happen!

Company Team Brew teambrew960 
Are you about to plan some activity for you team but can’t find anything exciting? Brew beer with the BeerMonkey! The Team Brew takes places at Beer Monkey HQ in Knivsta (Sweden) or if you prefer at your location. I’ll walk you through the process and together we tailor a recipe for your company brew.

After we have brewed each team member then gets to take home its own, filled 5 litre glass carboy together with some yeast. After a couple of weeks fermenting at home, you have produced your own beer and gained almost unlimited bragging rights!

The Team Brew event takes about 2 ½ to 3 hours, the price for this great experience is 3.950 SEK, excl. VAT and travel cost. The event is tailored for teams up to six people, if you’re more than that or have any other question check out the FAQ page or contact me at for further details and reservation.

Beer tasting with BeerMonkey
14344895_1136449363116567_1920227828147311328_nWant to know what craft beer is all about or are you already in to deep? Doesn’t matter, a Beer tasting with BeerMonkey is for everyone! (except the beer snobs that don’t think it’s OK for others to drink that mass-produced yellow stuff that’s also called beer) However, there is a better way and by understanding what set different beer apart you are well on the way to enlightenment!

The price for Beer tasting with BeerMonkey at your location is 1.490 SEK, excl. VAT and travel cost. Please note that in order to comply with laws and legislations the actual beer itself is not included, however, I will provide you with an excellent shopping list well prior the actual tasting.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact me at for further details and reservation.

BeerMonkey as a guest speaker image1
Are you having a kick-off or any other sort event for your team or company? Have Beer Monkey as a guest speaker!

The event can be tailored to suit your needs but to give an example; we start with an entertaining presentation how beer is the reason for civilization as we know it, we have a tasting of the ingredients that makes beer; different types of malts and hops. Basically, getting to know what separates great beer from the rest.

Duration can be anything from 45 minutes up to a couple of hours. Price is 1.490 SEK, excl. VAT and travel cost.

Sounds interesting? Contact me at for further details and reservation.