FAQ Team Brew

Genaral info about Company Team Brew
This event is tailored for teams up to six people, if you’re more than just drop me an email at daniel@beermonkeybrewery.com and we sort it out. Brewing will be done on our pilot system, maximum amount of wort produced is 24-28 litre, depending on beer style.

Please note that if your more than six people we can’t brew at Beer Monkey HQ, we just don’t have the space for it. If you wish to brew at your location I will bring the needed equipment with me, all that’s needed at your location is running water, power and a sink.

The event takes about 2 ½ to 3 hours. You need to speak Swedish or English in order get full benefit of the experience.

What type of beer are we talking about?
It’s up to you, but since a full brew day is about 7-8 hours, the mash will be prepared before we start. The mash will of course have a big impact on the final product, but you get to choose if you wish to make an Ale, Stout, Porter or whatever mash. However, I don’t do lager, so as long as you don’t want that, you’re all set.

Wait, this is becoming very technical, does it have to be?
No worries, brewing is fun, and I will make sure you’ll have a good time and take home some wort.

Wort? I thought we are making Beer?
To make beer you just need to add yeast. BeerMonkey will provide a suitable yeast for each participant to add in their carboys when they get home. The fermentation will transform the wort to beer.

Is it legal?
Short answer; yes. A little bit longer one; since the product we are producing is wort and not beer it’s legal. And when you add the yeast at home transforming it to beer you’re basically a homebrewer, which of course is legal.

What’s a glass carboy, or glasdamejeanne as we call it in Sweden? How does it look, is it a big ugly thing? 
Check out the picture! So no, it’s not big nor ugly (at least I don’t think so)