A brewery without beer is like a pig without bacon. Pointless!

But as you know beer is not just beer, nor is bacon just bacon. Therefore, we have taken our sweet time to get the taste just right. But lo and behold, we are finally getting there. First out of the gates will be BeerMonkey Orangutan Rye and our Chimp. Stout, both are planned for release at selected bars during first quarter 2017.

BeerMonkey also have other great stuff in the making, such as Gorilla IPA and thereafter our Silverback DIPA. Apart from the year-round beers were also planning for several seasonal ones, stay tuned!

BeerMonkey Orangutan Rye
orangutanryeAmerican style IPA with some rye malt. If you like your IPA to be well balanced, crisp, dry with a long lingering hop bitterness you gonna love this one! If not, please don’t bother.

Malts: Pale Malt, Rye (12%), Crystal, Carared and Chocolate.
Hops: Chinook, Pacific Jade and Columbus. Orangutan Rye is dry hopped. ABV: 6.5% IBU: 60.


BeerMonkey Chimp. Stout
chimpstoutOur take on an Imperial Stout. A big beer with taste of chocolate, liquorice and coffee. A great beer to sip on standalone or together with a chocolate based dessert.

Malts: Pale Malt, Caraamber, Munich, Chocolate malt with roasted and flaked Barley. Hops: Chinook and East Kent Goldings. ABV: 8.5% IBU: 70