Merch & Events

Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to prove that you were here, that you heard of BeerMonkey first? By visiting our events and getting some merch you will be able to!

BeerMonkey Merchandise

I’m currently considering what BeerMonkey stuff we will offer in the near feature and if you have any cool ideas please don’t hesitate to drop me an email at

Available right now is a very limited amount our official BeerMonkey Backer t-shirt, complete with the quirky spelling of official… But it just adds to the character of the whole thing and provides you with the needed proof that you heard of us first; “you know this t-shirt is the first official BeerMonkey merchandise, the typo on offical proves it

tshirtsLast ones of this high quality t-shirts are available in the following colour and sizes:

Red; 2 1 Medium, 2 Large. Brown; 1 Large. Dark Green; 1 Large. Orange; sold out.

Price per t-shirt is 199 SEK. Shipping cost within Sweden is 50 SEK, global shipping is 100 SEK (regardless how many you order) Click here for sizing guide.

Since quantity is so limited please email with what colour and sizes you want to make sure were not out of stock.

BeerMonkey events

BeerMonkey not only do corporate events we also do Brew with BeerMonkey, brewery tours, BeerMonkey BBQs, beer tastings and food pairing. If you want to book BeerMonkey for a party of event contact me at

Dates for BeerMonkey Brewery tours, BBQs , tastings and pairings will be posted in the spring of 2017, here and on our social media outlets.

brewwithbeermonkeyBrew with BeerMonkey
Want to learn how to brew your own beer? Sign up for Brew with BeerMonkey at BeerMonkey HQ. At each course we brew an Ale that we together create the recipe for. We start with choosing the ingredients and we go through the entire process to a ready wort.

Included in the course apart from the education is 5 litre wort per participant together all the needed material to ferment and bottle your own beer at home. Since the course is about 7 hours long a brew-lunch is also included for good measure.

Number of participants needs to be between 3 and 5 for it to take place. Price per person is 1.250 SEK. Interested? Send your inquiry to or call +46 70 2040000 for further details.