With the risk of sounding pretentious, BeerMonkey have a brewing philosophy.

It’s about making the beer I love, it’s not producing a beer that as many as possible like.

To make great beer you shall follow your own beliefs and share the result, BeerMonkey do believe in feedback but great beer is never based on finding the lowest common denominator. Quality is always more important than profit or market share.

BeerMonkey doesn’t believe compromises make great beer. That’s why we love DIY; building the brewery, creating the recipes, sourcing the right ingredients, brewing, bottling and what not. Having full control of the process end to end is vital in our philosophy.

BeerMonkey does of course brew different styles of beers; hoppy IPA’s, rich stouts and others as well! But that’s not what’s most important, what matters is that you should be able to feel and taste the love and craftsmanship in every glass. That’s truly the reward for us.

Hence, the BeerMonkey manifesto